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Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical design engineers use physics and engineering principles to design mechanical systems and devices. They develop plans for generating new engine models and develop strategies for improving upon current models. They also build prototypes and test them to measure their functionality.

Mechanical design engineers apply physics and engineering principles to the design of mechanical systems and devices. They conduct technical research, use software to plan and design mechanical systems, develop prototypes, and conduct tests on a variety of mechanical machines, such as industrial equipment, robotics, and appliances, among others.

Additionally, design engineers collaborate with fabrication teams when manufacturing products to guide them on the design specifications. Plus, they conduct technical research. Relevant certification is beneficial to succeed as a mechanical design engineer.

Mechanical Design Engineer

What does a Mechanical Design Engineer do?

Mechanical Design Engineer

A mechanical design engineer is a professional who designs mechanical products or systems. Mechanical design engineers often work in every aspect of product development: conducting research, designing, prototyping, and testing. Mechanical design engineers use their knowledge of science, technology, design, and mathematics to meet the product requirements.

A mechanical design engineer specializes in designing various mechanical devices that will be vital in developing machinery or large structures. One of their primary responsibilities revolves around conducting thorough research and analysis, establishing layouts and prototypes, producing progress reports, and working alongside fellow engineers and skilled professionals. Typically assigned in an office setting, a mechanical design engineer must visit construction sites or factories to test and observe equipment qualities. Furthermore, during production, there are instances when a mechanical engineer must coordinate with suppliers, contractors, and clients.

  • Engineering Design

    Engineering design is defined as the method that engineers use to recognize and solve problems. It is an extensive and flexible approach to problem-solving and provides the necessary information needed regarding every step of the process.

  • CAD Knowledge

    Demonstrated advanced CAD skills in creating new components/ assemblies and analyzing existing designs to implement mechanical improvements while reducing costs.

  • Engineering Drawings

    Engineering drawings are technical drawings that tell about the requirements for engineering components or equipment.There are multiple types of engineering drawings such as isometric drawing, orthographic or multiview drawing, schematic drawings, one view, and two view drawings, etc.

  • Project Management

    Maintained close relationship and communication with vendors, manufacturing, procurement, as well as project management to insure product development.

Advanced Mechanical Engineer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Lead Mechanical Engineer



The estimated total pay for a mechanical design engineer is $77,000 per year.


Starting-level mechanical design engineer earnings begin at:

$61,000 per year
$29 per hour

Starting-level mechanical design engineer earnings begin at:

$87,000 per year
$42 per hour

Starting-level mechanical design engineer earnings begin at:

$77,566 per year
$37 per hour

Starting-level mechanical design engineer earnings begin at:

$97,000 per year
$47 per hour

Junior-level mechanical design engineer earnings begin at:

$68,000 per year
$33 per hour

These are 2021 national salary averages and may fluctuate based on location.

What does the workplace for a Mechanical Design Engineer look like?

The mechanical design engineer work conditions should also be a consideration if you're thinking about pursuing this career. Mechanical design engineers spend the majority of their time in an office setting, working at their desks. They use computers to identify solutions to mechanical problems, communicate with other members on their teams and design and test products. Mechanical design engineers also work in the field in order to gain additional insight into problems that their employer, or the company they are under contract to help, is trying to solve.

Mechanical design engineers often work closely alongside other members of an engineering team, such as engineers and engineering technicians, and the role is highly collaborative. Depending on their level of seniority, they may work closely with senior managers or executives within a company. Most mechanical design engineers work full-time hours and many work over 40 hours per week, especially if they are approaching deadlines are need to find rapid solutions to a problem.

How to Become a Mechanical Design Engineer?

Mechanical Design Engineer

This role requires a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, with at least two years of experience in a professional engineering role. Applicants must be proficient in engineering design software like AutoCAD, Rhino, and Solidworks. You must also possess analytical, communication, problem-solving, time management, attention to detail, critical thinking, and organization skills. Apart from this, you must be familiar with design and engineering principles. You must also be aware of technological advancements and design trends.

The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) offers certifications, as do other organizations, for mechanical engineering programs. Many employers will favor candidates with these accreditations.

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