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Job Board Heat Map Navigator Guide

We are excited to offer an interactive heat map of all IPC member companies in the electronics industry! Please follow the steps below to enhance your experience as you search through over 13,000 locations worldwide!

IPCEF CIE Job Board Map Inactive

You can view the different locations on the map by dragging the map. Do this by clicking your mouse on the map and dragging toward the location you wish to view. 

IPCEF CIE Job Board Map

To search by company name or location radius, click the magnifying glass on the top right corner of the screen.

IPCEF CIE Job Board Map

To search by country or city, type in the desired location in the search bar on the bottom right of the screen.

IPCEF CIE Job Board Map

Zoom in and out by using the + / – signs on the right side of the screen.

IPCEF CIE Job Board Map

To complete an advanced search:

Step 1: Select “Name” in this dropdown menu

Step 2: Type the company name in the search box

Step 3: If you want to search within a specific location, please indicate the location and radius in the box. If you would like to search worldwide, please keep the search box empty

IPCEF CIE Job Board Map

Once you have completed your search, click the search button and then exit out of the search window to view your results.

IPCEF CIE Job Board Map Boeing Single Location

You can select a specific location by clicking on a red icon. Each specific location lists the company name, company address, and company career page/website link (if available) where you can review current job openings!

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