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Thank you for sharing your career journey with us! You can inspire the potential workforce to enter the industry by sharing your career journey personally and professionally. Please read the instructions below in order to prepare for your interview! You can schedule a time to share your story with us by clicking the link below. If you have any questions, please email Wendy Gaston, wendygaston@ipc.org!


Interview Questions

We want you to feel prepared for the interview! Please read through the potential questions below prior to your interview:

  1. What is your name / title / company?
  2. Why is electronics manufacturing in your opinion a viable career choice?
  3. What do you enjoy about your career?
  4. What does your typical day look like?
  5. What excites you about the industry?
  6. Why is your career important?
  7. When did you realize that this is the career for you?
  8. Share your career journey with us!

Interview Set-Up

Please complete the following steps prior to your interview:

  1. Download Zoom and become familiar with the basics
    In order to feel confident in a Zoom interview, download the application on your computer or laptop and become familiar with its basic functions. It’s free to use the basic program.
  2. Use a computer or laptop when possible
    In order to have the best Zoom experience, use a computer or laptop if possible for your interview. If you must use your phone or tablet, be sure to prop your phone up or use a phone stand and ensure that we can see you clearly on the screen.
  3. Charge your laptop and update your computer
    To ensure your Zoom interview goes smoothly, be sure to charge your laptop and update your computer ahead of time.
  4. Make sure you have a strong internet connection
    Because Zoom technology relies on an internet connection, be sure there’s a strong connection where you will be interviewed. If you’re using Wi-Fi, check your connection strength during your technical preparation.
  5. Test your audio
    After you’ve downloaded Zoom onto the device you’ll be using for your interview, test your audio. On a computer or laptop, you have the option of choosing the microphone you want to use. You may also use a headset during your Zoom call.
  6. Find the best lighting for your call
    Natural sunlight is the best option for lighting on video. Try to set up your computer near a window and be cautious of direct sun, which may cause a glare. A suitable alternative is a brightly lit room.
  7. Eliminate noise in the environment
    When selecting the space you’ll use for your Zoom interview, be aware of outside noises and interruptions. Pick a quiet space that offers privacy and minimal noise.

Zoom Background Image

Please select the background you would like and download the image to use for your zoom interview. Please follow the instructions below in order to set the image as your Zoom background image.

1. Click the image you would like to download or the download button beneath it.

2. Once the image opens, right click, and select ‘Save as’ to save to your computer.

3. Open your Zoom app on your computer. Click your profile picture and click on settings.

4. Click on the Virtual Background tab on the left menu. You’ll see a variety of pre-loaded Zoom backgrounds. Click the ‘+’ button to upload the image from your computer to use as your Zoom background.

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