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Field Applications Engineer

The field applications engineer is a technical support engineer for marketing and salesman at technology companies. You will have the opportunity to travel and work with other engineers to seal up design and product contracts.

You will also bring new technologies and different design approaches that can make top-selling charts. Similarly, you will come up with reports and present the reports to others and the management convincingly to get their support. As the field applications engineer, you are in charge of coming up with product specifications.

Field Applications Engineer

What does a Field Applications Engineer do?

Field Applications Engineer

The field applications engineer works with regional sales managers, company customers, and manufacturer’s representatives to design and manage technical methods for quality control to ensure compliance with the ISO laboratory accreditation. They are technically expert and knowledgeable about sales techniques to boost sales and to develop new organizational objectives by maintaining their relationship with the consultants, inspectors, subcontractors, and potential clients regularly.

Some of their duties and responsibilities include customer assistance to help customers understand all products and services, providing technical support and configure services, and analyzing customer requirements.

  • Marketing Skills

    Manage marketing communications materials, product database, over 3000 part numbers, BOMs and pricing.

  • Technical Management

    Manage all technical interactions (RFP responses, job site walk-through, design reviews, statement of work creation, etc.) Develop and manage technical procedures for quality control to comply with ISO laboratory accreditation.

  • Sales Knowledge

    Assume responsibility for technical sales & support to aerospace & transit industries. Present pre-sales technical presentations. Log sales activity and forecasts using several different supplier CRM systems.

  • Customer Support

    Meet with clients at appointments for presentations and follow up on solid products to ensure the customer is happy.

Senior Field Applications Engineer

Senior field applications engineers assist customers in tool usage / issues. They manage all technical interactions (RFP responses, job site walk-through, design reviews, statement of work creation, etc . ) They also develop and maintain product history and applications database. Senior field applications engineers ork and collaborate with the field applications engineer team and other organizations within the company.

Project Engineer

A project engineer develops the plan that the entire team or company will undertake. The project engineer develops the plans, strategies, and goals of a project and then gives it to the management for approval and allocation. The Project Engineer will also recommend material, equipment, and the type of personnel needed. This position is integral in the smooth flow of any project, so hiring someone to hold this position will decide the success of a project.



The estimated total pay for a field applications engineer is $104,423 per year.

0 - 1 Years

Field application engineers with 0 - 1 years experience earn on average:


$101,198 per year
7 - 9 Years

Field application engineers with 7 - 9 years experience earn on average:


$116,373 per year
4 - 6 Years

Field application engineers with 4 - 6 years experience earn on average:


$113,349 per year
10+ Years

Field application engineers with 10+ years experience earn on average:


$122,729 - $126,561 per year
1 - 3 Years

Field application engineers with 1 - 3 years experience earn on average:


$109,016 per year

These are 2021 national salary averages and may fluctuate based on location.

What does the workplace for a Field Applications Engineer look like?


Many field applications engineers work at regional company sales offices and design centers. Often these small facilities are staffed with just one or two marketing and sales support staff. The field applications engineer often travels with a salesman to local customer sites. Because the working environment at these small offices is casual, some field applications engineers often just use the office as a central meeting place, as opposed to a day-to-day work place.

Corporate field applications engineers often must work with large national and international accounts. This requires that they often must be on site or travel long distances.

How to Become a Field Applications Engineer?

Field Applications Engineer
Field Applications Engineer

To begin your field applications engineer career path, a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field is usually necessary in order to remain a competitive option for employers. Focus on industry-specific skill development during your education in order to be properly equipped when applying for entry-level positions and entering the job force. An internship may be required to earn your bachelor’s degree and acquire necessary on-the-job skills before entering the workforce.

Even though most field applications engineers have a college degree, it’s possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED.

Typical Qualifications:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of manufacturing and design capabilities and value add offerings to support Production Manufacturing
  • Ability to establish contacts and build relationships with customers to drive improved communication and partnership
  • Ability to make routine decisions with general direction provided by department manager
  • Strong written and oral communication skills and the ability to work well with customers design groups
  • Strong engineering background and knowledge of entire PCB manufacturing process including; process flows, individual processing steps, and pre-production tooling

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