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Applications Engineer

Do you have a passion and skill for software application development and customer service? Then this just might be the career for you. 

Applications engineers are in high demand across an array of industries and the field is predicted to see a lot of growth in the years to come. It is both exciting and profitable to start building your career as an applications engineer in the technologically driven market of today.

Application engineers usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, though degrees in software engineering and mathematics are also common. Computer science programs are considered more advantageous because they cover a wide range of topics depending on the student’s particular interests.

Applications Engineer

What does an Applications Engineer do?

Applications Engineer

Applications engineers work as a bridge between customers and engineering teams. They use customer input and sales information to design or redesign, develop, test, and implement complex software problems and applications. They provide technical support and expertise to customers by testing applications and responding to feedback. They perform installations and maintenance and often perform sales presentations and demonstrations.

Applications engineers perform customer analysis to create applications that respond to their needs and provide innovative solutions to common problems. They perform prototyping applications and code reviews to ensure products are satisfactory. They debug, test, code, improve, and redesign tasks, respond to customer issues, provide updated software that solves bug issues, perform customer installations, and work with customer service teams. Applications engineers need a degree in software engineering.

  • Problem Solving Skills

    Whether adjusting a new application or updating an old one, an applications engineer must be able to assess and resolve any problems that arise.

  • Coding & Analytics

    Applications engineers must be able to analyze customer and computing needs and take the appropriate action. They must write code, complete programming and perform testing and debugging of applications.

  • Detail Oriented

    Applications engineers often work on many parts of a project at once and must be able to pay close attention to detail. They must lead the creation, review, and submittal of technical support documentation updates.

  • Communication Skills

    Applications engineers must be able to establish clear communication with others working on a project in the beginning phases and with customers thereafter.

Field Application Engineer

Applications engineers could become field application engineers or technical sales executives and focus on handling customer affairs. In these positions, you will combine your technical knowledge with your customer service skills in order to focus on sales. You will provide advice and support to customers on a range of products and act as a key contact for them both before and after the sale. You will regularly liaise with the sales team and departments such as production, purchasing and quality.

Applications Engineer Manager

Applications engineer managers must have the same qualities and skills as application engineers but to an advanced and refined degree. They must have a strong knowledge of computer networking, its installation and administration. They need to have computer troubleshooting expertise and be strong leaders who are able to communicate very effectively. Applications engineer managers must be organized and be able to prioritize, multitask and work productively in a fast-paced environment.

Senior Leaders

If you enjoy management however and grow in ambition while an applications engineer manager, above managers, are senior leaders. Senior leaders are the CEOs and get to this position by demonstrating a real knack for business and by being an exceptionally strong leader. Senior leaders have the responsibility of hiring and firing applications engineer managers. The Senior leader must provide guidance over management and steer the company towards its mission. They make high-level decisions and essentially run the show.



The estimated total pay for an application-engineer is $83,672 per year. 

Applications Engineer

Applications engineer earnings average:

$94,917 per year
Applications Engineer IV

Applications engineer IV earnings average:

 $124,000 per year
Senior Applications Engineer

Senior applications engineer earnings average:

$118,763 per year

These are 2021 national salary averages and may fluctuate based on location.

What does the workplace for an Applications Engineer look like?

Applications engineers design, develop and test software applications. They coordinate with many departments such as the engineering team, sales team, customer service team and manufacturing.

They are present throughout the entire development process of an application including providing technical support and expertise to customers and responding to customer feedback. Applications engineers utilize information from customers and sales to perform maintenance on or potentially redesign applications.

They may also be responsible for doing demonstrations or supervising programmers. Applications engineers typically work in an office environment but some telecommute and work from home.

Top Industries Hiring Applications Engineers:

  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Fortune 500
  • Automotive
  • Professional

How to Become an Applications Engineer?

Applications Engineer

Applications engineers work in many different industries so it is important to first evaluate your interests and decide which industry you would like to be designing, developing and testing computer software applications for. 

No matter what industry you choose to work in, however, an applications engineer must be skilled with computers and have a basic knowledge of coding. If you are not confident with your coding abilities, familiarize yourself with Java, .NET, SQL and the C programming languages. 

Typical Requirements:

  • Bachelor or graduate degree in computer engineering, computer science, engineering or information systems or equivalent experience.
  • Experience with Microsoft Vista.
  • Experience with C, C#, Python, SQL Server, and CSS programming.
  • Experience with API, HTML, Agile, and cloud systems.
  • Experience with Java, Javascript, and unit testing.

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